One of the most popular, beautiful and rare stones of our time. Tanzanite was first discovered in 1967 in the Merelani Hills in Tanzania, East Africa. Tanzanite is becoming an increasingly rare stone, as its main deposits have been almost mined out and no new ones have been found.

Tanzanite has a very strong vibration, helping to enter altered states of consciousness, facilitating spiritual travel, telepathy and inducing deep meditation. If you desire to discover your true calling, this stone is for you. It is beneficial in states of overwork, helping us to take time for ourselves and balancing energy fluctuations. It can transform bad energies into good ones and helps you to assert yourself. It brings out repressed feelings so they can be processed.¨

Our bracelets are made of high-quality surgical steel combined with natural raw mineral crystals. The bracelet is perfectly adjustable, so whether you have an S or L hand circumference, it will fit you beautifully and look simply perfect.

In case you would like a special non-typical size, it is no problem to write your request in the order notes. We will try our best to accommodate everyone in their uniqueness.

All of our treasures are handmade with love and care so that each individual piece brings you exactly what you want from it and why you purchased it.

+ Each bracelet comes with a ritual, just like all of our jewelry, which guides you through how to treat the mineral and how to give it the intention you just bought it for.

+ We cleanse each mineral with sacred wood so that it comes to you with its own pure personality.

+ The bracelet will come to you straight in a gift box too, so if you want it as a present, you're all set.

980.00 Kč