Thoroughness and quality has always been our priority, which also means, that every one of the treasures you shall find on our website was made by us and itself is an original. We have never made two identical rings or pairs of earrings. It is so also because of the vast varity of minerals we´re making our products from.

When you place your order, it means that next manufacturing day, we start making your product. We don´t have thousand of ready products in stock, we prefer making every order separately. Every piece of our treasures pass through our hands from a huge piece of mineral to carefully wrapped jewel going your way in a paper box.

This procedure means of course a little longer shipping period, which is in between of 3 to 10 working days. During this period we´re dedicated to manufacturing, packing and shipping your orders so when you receive your package, it gives you the joy and the smile we´re so glad for.