My beautiful Woman, let yourself glow...

Our motto, which accompany us during our whole lives. I always felt it as a big task for all of us, to glow in this world. To create everything, why we came here and fulfil our inner needs without thinking about what the others would think or what the society would think. Glowing for us means to be authentic, let ourself acknowledge our greatness, worship ourselves, not to judge ourselves nor the others, love ourselves unconditionally, let ourselves to make changes, to know that we´re beautiful enough, wise enough, strong enough,... Because we are!

This all should our treasures say. We wish they support this feelings in every one of you, we wish you allow yourself to glow your whole life and inspire other beautiful beings around you.

You´re glowing as the brightest star in the Universe, so start enjoying it!

Our mineral team

Our Mineral Team

The ones who create all the jewellery for you, from a huge raw piece of mineral to a delicate ring, striking earrings or a shining necklace, are the two of us, Filip and Aneta, who both create Poklady duše, which is Czech for Treasure of the Soul... We both love to create, we are creative and our idea for this project came about quite intuitively as it is always best with minerals.

The union of Man and Woman at work is like Yin and Yang, beautifully complementary, because what one lacks, the other can make up for and vice versa.

I, as a Woman and representative of the fire element, bring to the project feminine principles such as intuition, creativity, aesthetic sensitivity, and my fire sign also contributes to the purposefulness and realization of ever new ideas.

Filip puts his natural masculine principle and the water element into his work, thanks to which he takes care of the rougher work, he is very manually skilled and can add technical procedures to ideas and thanks to his water sign he can be calm, cool-headed and organized.

I believe that our connection can always bring you a Treasure that you will love and become a Treasure of your Soul.

With love Aneta and Filip