The bracelet is amazing. I'm thinking of getting another one to go with it. It really is a gem and the affirmation on the card made me so happy because it fits what I'm trying to do with my life. Thank you. 


Good evening️, the bracelet arrived and it is simply amazing! 🤤 I will definitely order a bracelet for myself soon. 🤩 Keep doing this because the love with which you do it is unique and it makes a person very happy️.  


We received the "kind" bracelets from the workshop of Aneta Bartosova as a wedding gift and I must say that it was a gift that made us very happy because it was very different from other "classic" gifts and most importantly it was absolutely personal. We really liked the fact that there was a whole one-page description of what each stone means and what it can support us in. And since the person who gave us the gift probably already knows us a bit :-), the choice of stones in the bracelet just sat right on us, to us, somehow it reflected what we were experiencing and where we were going. That's why the gift bracelet was so personal. Since we got it, my husband and I have worn it a lot and I feel that besides wedding rings and other things, these two bracelets connect us and always remind us of our magical day, our wedding journey and other beautiful moments spent together.

Petr and Lucie

Hello, so I'm finally writing a review. I am simply blown away by the necklace. I have been looking for a piece like this in the Czech Republic for a long time, but I couldn't find anything until I saw your ad on ig.I have already recommended you to all my friends, and I plan to buy the other types:)

From Instagram

Good evening, the bracelet just arrived from you, I must say it looks really amazing, thank you very much.


Hello, the bracelet just came to me, it is very beautiful! Thank you.


Hello. Your site just popped up as an ad for me. But I must commend you on your work, really beautiful jewelry. Have a wonderful rest of the day🦋 


Hello, my shipment from you arrived a while ago, I am thrilled. Everything nicely packaged and the jewelry itself is amazing. The bracelets will serve as gifts, hopefully they will make you as happy as I am after unwrapping them and the chain is simply amazing. Thank you very much.


Guardian angel...I fell in love at first sight. The chakra bracelet was again custom made for my beautiful soul mate. They've adorned both of us. Thank you.  


The chain is perfect, delicate and very feminine I look forward to seeing how we sit. I hope it won't be the last. I look forward to the ritual. Thank you so much, you're amazing. When I'm better dressed, I'll take a picture.  


Thank you beautifully, I won't take the necklace or bracelet off again! 🥰 They are gorgeous and you are very handy!


Thank you so much for the necklace, it's beautiful. I hope to add more to my collection in time. ️


Hello, the package has already arrived thank you very much really beautiful bracelet in a beautiful package 🥰️ 

From Instagram

The bracelet is breathtaking and amazing thank you thank you. I feel so much love and support from it. And the card, wow...just the name Angel Guidance. I am full of hope. I feel so protected and thank you for the amazing affirmation ❣️ 


Hello, my bracelet just arrived. It is very beautiful, thank you.


Hello, Aneta! I received my bracelets today. Beautiful packaging... and a description I received! I'll share you on Instagram after Christmas, I can't now while it´s still a secret. Thank you! 


Have a nice evening, I picked up my jewelry today. They are just as beautiful as I hoped they would be️ you are incredibly skilled and thank you for your love of what you do️ 


Hello. My necklace just arrived and it is absolutely gorgeous. Great work, I will definitely order something from you again. Thank you. 


Good evening, thank you again for the crystal ring. It's very nice! I hope I will be happy with other jewelry from your beautiful collection️. Have a great day. Ps: very nice packaging:)


Thank you, I'm very happy with the jewelry indeed. The paradox is that I don't wear necklaces and rings much and when I do, it has to blend in and this just works for the first time 


Beautiful afternoon, thank you for the jewelry. I am very impressed with your work. It's really beautiful. I definitely didn't order last time. 


Lovely good day, I picked up the ring I ordered today. And I have to say with sincere joy that it is the most beautiful thing I could ever buy... It is so soft, perfect, fits exactly as if it was made for me... Love at first sight and touch... Thank you so much and a thousand times I praise your magical work. 


Have a nice evening, my wild full moon ring arrived today, it's very beautiful, I can't wait for my sister to get it, I'm so happy about it.


Hello, thank you so much for the beautiful jewelry:) they are beautiful and original... I'm glad I got in touch with you. 


Good evening. I picked up the shipment, I am very excited, the jewelry is beautiful as I expected and even more:*I appreciate it very much 


Thank you so much, I like your loving approach to products and minerals in general, plus you can feel it a lot from the products. I'm already looking forward to wearing the earrings. 


Have a nice day Anetka, it may sound crazy but I have to tell you that when I put the AMETHYST necklace around my neck, within a second I felt like a rush of warmth went through me and even the mineral itself was completely warm for a while. Unreal. Once again, a big THANK YOU 


Thank you for the beautiful message. I'm looking forward to the earrings, from a distance, and through technology, your work radiates kind energy, joy and humility. That's wonderful! I can't wait for the moment when your work physically arrives ️ Have beautiful and peaceful days.