Abalone shell

It is a symbol of change. It develops our intuition and imagination. It helps us to stand up for our beliefs and express our real needs. It helps in working with others in different ways. It brings pure joy in life and promotes spiritual growth. Cleanses and opens all the chakras. Harmonizes our body shell and brings ease to life.

It is one of the most colorful shells and its color changes iridescently due to the influence of light. It comes from New Zealand, where the indigenous people (Maori) held these shells in high esteem and called them the "Gift of the Sea God". They used them in various ceremonies to amplify the powers of the fumigators.

The abalone shell is used as a bowl for heating. It can be used beautifully just for example for our meditation heating kits with Palo Santo, for sage and other heating agents.

It is also a beautiful and very unique decoration that no one will overlook at home, and you can practically store jewelry or other treasures in it.

An interesting fact is that naturally this shell has a large deposit of seaweed on it in the sea, and underneath it hides a mollusk with strong legs that can withstand all the elements. It's an interesting paradox to today's times where many people are trying to fit in and trying to adapt to society in many aspects. Yet underneath this veneer, there is a completely unique and vibrant being in everyone, waiting to be uncovered and to shine and manifest.

The shell is really big and spacious, measuring about 15cm

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