OPAL BRACELET - golden finish


Opal contains the whole universe, so it can be assigned to all planets, energies and elements. It contains the colours and abilities of all other stones, therefore it can be charged and programmed with every type of energy. It brings good luck and reveals our inner beauty, awakens spiritual and mystical visions, helps with astral projections, can absorb and transmit, is a karmic stone, teaches us that everything we send out comes back to us, is also a protective stone and can make us "invisible". It helps to discover and manifest the true self, develops our psychic powers, enhances character traits and brings light into our lives. It intensifies feelings and removes inhibitions, evokes loyalty and fidelity.

We always examine each individual opal and select exactly the quality we require for you, just as with any other mineral. You can therefore always be sure of the quality and authenticity of opals from us.

As a very special mineral, opal also needs special care. Due to its strong energy absorbing and purifying ability, it also absorbs water, creams, perfumes, sweat, etc. Very easily and thus can become damaged. It is therefore necessary to avoid contact with these substances.

Our bracelets are made of high-quality surgical steel combined with natural raw mineral crystals. The bracelet is perfectly adjustable, so whether you have an S or L hand circumference, it will fit you beautifully and look simply perfect.

In case you would like a special non-typical size, it is no problem to write your request in the order notes. We will try our best to accommodate everyone in their uniqueness.

All of our treasures are handmade with love and care so that each individual piece brings you exactly what you want from it and why you purchased it.

+ Each bracelet comes with a ritual, just like all of our jewelry, which guides you through how to treat the mineral and how to give it the intention you just bought it for.

+ We cleanse each mineral with sacred wood so that it comes to you with its own pure personality.

+ The bracelet will come to you straight in a gift box too, so if you want it as a present, you're all set.

2,580.00 Kč