It is a stone of purity and a great carrier of energy. It also charges other minerals in the vicinity. It is the most versatile and effective healing crystal in the world. It is a very powerful energy amplifier that absorbs, releases and regulates energy, bringing it into complete harmony. It protects against all evil and negative. It increases our spiritual powers and removes blocks. It becomes a mirror of our soul. It cleanses and protects the aura, ensures a peaceful sleep.

These treasures are something completely different than anything you may have seen from us before, and we are all the more pleased to be able to offer them to you.

The jewelry boxes, as well as every other product we offer, all pass through our hands so there is a piece of us in each one.

They can be used for many magical things:

They can be used as a box to recharge your beautiful treasures and stones from negative energies so that they bring you back what you need from them.

They are a beautiful decoration for your home or your beauty table.

You can use them for various rituals.

Or as a box for an engagement ring :)

They are also perfect for storing your beloved jewellery.

Each jewellery box will also come with instructions on how to use it to bring you what you want. In addition, the instructions also include a ritual for charging your treasures in it.

Taking care of mineral jewelry is very important because these little creatures have great power and can rid us of negative vibes and bad energy. Therefore, you need to give them care as well and cleanse them of this energy so that they can continue to take care of you thoroughly.

1,990.00 Kč