Agate - Creates harmony between the soul, mind and body. Helps self-knowledge. Strengthens practical decisions. Adds honesty to oneself. Removes inner tension. Creates a sense of security and safety. Helps in finding a new love and keeping it current. Stabilizes the aura. Stimulates the digestive tract. Protects against and aids in the treatment of skin diseases.

Rose quartz - It is a symbol of love, beauty and healing. Its gentle energy surrounds the soul and heals the wounds of the heart. It gives strength to forgive oneself and others. It teaches self-love. It gives life energy. Improves the condition of the skin. Removes harmful substances from the body. Helps with intestinal diseases.

Crystal - Very powerful energy booster. Brings energy into harmony. Strengthens the psyche. Teaches self-improvement. Increases our spiritual powers. Protects and purifies the aura. Ensures restful sleep. When meditating, it can filter out disturbing influences.

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