Aquamarine is the stone of the sea goddesses. It represents peace, joy and happiness especially in relationships. It symbolizes courage and relieves fear. It helps us to take responsibility for our own lives. Aquamarine belongs to the Moon and the water element. It is the ideal stone for Pisces, also for Gemini, Taurus, Libra, Aquarius and Aries.

We present to you earrings made of surgical steel with tiny mineral crystals. The earrings are made of high-quality surgical steel in two different finishes.

This variant of earrings is very feminine and delicate, so if you are more into more minimalistic jewellery, this variant is for you.

+ The earrings come with a ritual that will guide you on how to cleanse the mineral and impose intention on it so that it is just perfect for its wearer, and fulfils why you got this particular one.

+We purify each individual mineral ourselves with sacred wood, so that it comes to you with its pure energy already

+The earrings also come straight to you in a gift box, so if you want it as a present, you're all set.

830.00 Kč