River pearl

The pearl reflects the charm of a woman. It symbolizes self-love in the purest sense of the word. It is ideal for those of us who are learning to find our self-worth, self-confidence, love, humility and self-acceptance. The pearl signifies the essence, the role of a woman, her yin energy. They are believed to summon good luck and health and provide protection from negative energy. They have a calming and soothing influence, balancing karma and strengthening relationships, as well as keeping children safe. Pearls are said to signify purity, generosity, equanimity and loyalty.

Pearls take on the energy of the person who wears them. They need contact with the skin because they draw moisture from it for themselves. By rubbing against skin and clothing, they polish. Be careful not to let them come into contact with chemicals.

The earrings are made of high-quality surgical steel, elegantly crafted and absolutely original as each piece of our jewelry is. Each ring is set with a raw crystal of your choice.

The entire treasure is handmade by us with love and care so that each individual piece brings you exactly what you want from it and why you bought it.

Each pair of earrings comes with a ritual, just like all of our jewelry, that will guide you through how to treat the mineral and how to give it the intention you just acquired it for.

The earrings are very elegant yet distinctive. The raw minerals give them a fierceness and wildness that is also combined with delicacy.

We believe that with this jewelry you will feel like a star, which lights up everything with its personality and wildness.

+ The earrings come with a ritual that will guide you on how to cleanse the mineral and impose your intention on it so that it is just perfect for its wearer, and fulfils why you got this particular one.

+We purify each individual mineral ourselves with sacred wood, so that it comes to you with its pure energy already

+The earring also come straight to you in a gift box, so if you want it as a present, you're all set.

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