VOUCHER - 1 000 Kč

Voucher for Mineral Treasure

A Mineral Treasure Voucher from us is there for you when you feel that the best choice is to be gifted by yourself.

Intuition often tells us best what mineral we need in our lives right now.

Therefore, we wanted to give you the opportunity to order a voucher from us that will support the recipient in their ability to intuitively decide which treasure they want to accompany them on their journey through life in the present moment, as our needs often change according to our life stage.

We have tried to make the voucher stylish, so that it is a suitable gift that every Woman will be happy to find under the Christmas tree, at her birthday party or any other beautiful and significant event.

The voucher is always valid for half a year from the date of issue and you only need to enter the voucher code in the box at the end of the order.

We believe that our voucher will be a gift that will make each of you happy, whatever event you find it at.

Of course, the voucher will also arrive in gift packaging so that everything is already ready for gifting.

1,000.00 Kč