Rose quartz - It is a symbol of love, beauty and healing. Its gentle energy surrounds the soul and heals the wounds of the heart. It gives strength to forgive oneself and others. It teaches self-love. It gives life energy. Improves the condition of the skin. Removes harmful substances from the body. Helps with intestinal diseases.

Crystal - Very powerful energy booster. Brings energy into harmony. Strengthens the psyche. Teaches self-improvement. Increases our spiritual powers. Protects and purifies the aura. Ensures restful sleep. When meditating, it can filter out disturbing influences

White Lava Stone - Connects the owner with nature. It is good for strengthening determination. Helps in bringing about change. Limits negative energy and strengthens positive energy. It is an aid for calming emotions. Lava also represents the energy of fire, light, heat, passion and warmth.

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